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Domestic Spending

‘Line’ Items: Running of the Bulls Edition

Running for the Exits – The “Running of the Bulls” has begun in Pamplona, Spain.

Singing for Their Supplemental

Late last night the House passed a supplemental appropriations bill ostensibly to fund military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Spending and Revenues in the Long Term Outlook

After much anticipation, the CBO has released its Long Term Budget Outlook, whic

Exploring Federal Pay for Cuts

As our Budget Simulator grows in popularity, more and more people have taken the

Dueling Editorials

Start with a basic question: Do you think politicians are better at cutting taxes and increasing spending, or the reverse?

Another Savings Idea, Brought to You by the White House

The Obama Administration has been putting out a flurry (see here and

More News on the Spending Front!

 The Obama Administration is looking at spending once again.

Improving the Budget Situation

The Administration is taking important steps in improving the budget situation:

A Small Change, But a Good Idea

Looks like the White House wants to attack the deficit

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

We at CRFB believe in the Wizard of Oz theory of deficit reduction.