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Debt & Deficits

What Do High Debt Levels Do To Our Economy?

Politicians and economists have long talked about the negative effects of an

IMF Emphasizes Need Smarter Deficit Reduction Strategy

After finishing its preliminary annual review of the U.S., the

Deficit Reduction Doesn't Need to Be Front-loaded

Regular readers of The Bottom Line are probably familiar with our goal of putting the debt on a downward path as a share of the economy ov

Mankiw Agrees on the Target for Deficit Reduction

Former Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors and Harvard Professor Greg Mankiw

160 Economists and Policy Experts Call for Comprehensive Deficit Reduction

Despite a growing chorus of debt deniers, most economics continue to agree that putting in place a long-t

How Much Is the Economy Contributing to Deficits?

Last Friday, the CBO released a report showing how much the business cycle has affected budget defic

Simpson and Bowles Release $2.4 Trillion Deficit Reduction Framework

Today, former Fiscal Commission co-chairs and Moment of Truth Project co-founders Erskine Bowles and

Third Way Calls for $1.9 Trillion of Deficit Reduction

Today, Third Way has released their analysis of the February CBO Economic and Bud